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There are many ways to prevent leakage on your roof, some of them include:


  1. Regular Roof Inspection


Hire a professional to do an inspection on your roof, regular inspection can help detect possible threats or loopholes that will lead to leaks from your roof.

Finding the right agent to do your inspection in Nigeria can be quite cumbersome, however with the right information and team you can get the right technicians to inspect your roof.


For roof inspection in Lekki, Lagos only a few companies have the right trained technicians to carry out your job.


2. Employ a specialist from the beginning


When looking for a specialist the first person to turn to will likely be the contractor or site manager however in Nigeria we have a good number of roofing contractors who can be located by searching online eg. in Lekki you can search “roof specialists in Lekki”.


A specialist will give you insight and help you identify possible leaking points like roof flashings which will normally go un noticed by others.



3. Maintain Gutters

The roof gutter is the accessory attached to the roof to ensure that water flows down from the roof through its channels and off the roof. Without it, or if it is not properly maintained, debris will accumulate on it causing water to be stagnant and leading to possible water leakages and damage.


4. Keep trees and bushes away from homes


Leaves and branches of trees, bushes cause moisture issues including algae, damage to roof tiles and clogged gutters


5. Apply Sealants in small quantities


For those areas already leaking in small drops or with great likelihood of leaking, a quick application of a water proof membrane/ sealant will do wonders. One of such superior chemicals is called HYDROSEAL.