A Quick Overview

FONDALINE is the solution to drain and protect underground walls, foundations...

FONDALINE is a high-quality membrane for the drainage and protection of foundations and basements. It is ideal for protecting basement walls and foundations where ground pressure may damage waterproofing layers. Ground water is the main reason of for structural weaknesses that can cause buildings to collapse during earthquakes. FONDALINE is able to withstand pressures of up to 250 kN/m².

Installation principles

Principle 1

1. FONDALINE should be placed so the black side touches the wall and the brown side touches the soil. Rolls can be applied horizontally or vertically depending on the depth of the building. Overlaps of 10 cm should be respected.

Principle 2

2. It is essential to use a fixing system for FONDALINE that does not damage its waterproofing properties. The best system consists of using self-adhesive nails and washers.

Principle 3

3. FONDALINE can be nailed directly to concrete only on levels where there is no risk of infiltration of damp or ground water.

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