Get A FREE  One-On-One Roof Inspection,Analysis & Consultation (N200K Value)

Our team of Certified ( & award winning professionals) will carryout a complete one-on-one roof inspection on your building, and show you EXACTLY what you need to get the roof of your dream, and it's 100% FREE (saving you N200K)

How Does It Work?


Book your FREE roof Inspection/ consultation. (N200K value)


We'll visit to deliver a roofing blueprint,just for you!


Upon approval, we'll get to work to deliver your drem roof.

Working with us means that you're "empowering" us to restore & renovate 1,000 dilapidated roofs for public schools in Nigeria, FREE of charge, as part of our social impact program.

We believe that the no Nigerian child should learn under a dilapidated roof.

Working with us means, you're automtically helping the kids who learn under such inhuaman conditions.

We're a member of the America Roofing Contractors Association. You can be assured that we bring Int'l standard to your project.

The International Organization for Standardization certified us. We bring international (not local) standards to your projects.

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