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New Anti-Condensation Coating...

The NoZwet Anti-Condensation product is an environmentally friendly, water-based coating that inhibits condensation accumulation and ammonia corrosion on ceilings, uninsulated roofs, and a wide range of other surfaces. NoZwet is applied to a buildings interior ceiling using a textured coating hopper spray system. The coating provides a warmer surface, making it difficult for condensation to form...


Pre NoZwet

Dew point varies according to air temperature and the degree of humidity carried in the air. Thus, when the moisture saturated air comes into contact with a cooler surface, it condenses the moisture into water in the form of droplets, as seen in the illustration.

Post NoZwet

Capillary action within the highly textured NoZwet surface allows for rapid evaporation back into the atmosphere. A NoZwet coated ceiling increases the drying time of that surface by at least 15-20 times that of an uncoated surface..

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