Our Services

Our specialised architects and engineers take an inexhaustible and in-depth look at your site, structure and surroundings to come up with the best roofing design

We specialize in roof design, construction and installations; roof restoration/maintenance and roof consultancy services. We have an active partnership with foreign companies to manufacture and distribute facility maintenance products such as Hydroseal, Nutech paints, Nozwet, Graco amongst others in Africa

Our Services

Roof Design

Our specialized architects and engineers take an inexhaustible and in-depth look at your site, structure and surroundings, to come up with the best roofing design that will best fit your structure not departing from the original floor plan, cost, material and weight of the roof elements.

Roof Installation

We have a pool of well-trained carpenters (in-house and subcontractors) who have been on our various sites over the years. They are crafted in the interpretation of drawings and construction of roof trusses and coverings.

Roof Restoration

Most people replace their roofs because they no longer look as appealing as it used to. And, many roofing companies tell you that you should remove old roof every 10 years. At Plusworld we have the technology and re-coating products that would help restore your old roof into new with warranty assurance.

Roof Repairs

We pride ourselves with the apparatus to repair your damaged or leaky roofs. At Plusworld Roofing, we take a professional approach to roof repairs and ensure no further damage is done to the roof while repairing existing damages.

Roof Washing

Our roof cleaning service is novel, and our roof cleaning technology has the capacity to remove any sticky elements or growth on your roof without damaging the sheets because those items are treated and trusted.

Would You Want To Have A Long Lasting Roofing Systems with 10 Years Guarantee, backed by an Unbeatable Stand-by Emergency Support Team (Without Spending A Fortune, or, Losing Your Peace of Mind)?

Right NOW... Get A FREE Roofing Inspection & Consultation (N200,000 Value)

Schedule Your FREE Roofing Inspection/ Consultation. (N200K value)

We will conduct a FREE roofing inspection and analysis for your specific roofing requirement. It's an in-depth analysis & consultation with you. It's FREE (but it is a N200,000 value). So, you'll not be paying a single dime
for this.

Our Team Delivers A
Customized Roofing Strategy & Plan,Specifically For You.

Based on our discoveries in step 1, we will then develop a customized roofing strategy for your specific building. We'll take the cost,the floor plan,the weight of the roofing systems & other roofing elements into consideration.

Our Team Gets To Work,Quickly,
To Fulfill Your Roofing Systems Requirement.

We understand that time is precious, it is to us,too. That's why,immediately, after steps 1 & 2, our team of highly-skilled engineers, seasoned roofers & architects immediately go into "execution" mode. To bring that dream to life.

Our "No Lose" Guarantees

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