Roof Installation

Our specialized architects and engineers takes an inexhaustible and in-depth look at your site, structure and surroundings, to come up with the best roofing designs that will best fit your structure not departing from the original floor plan, cost, material and weight of the roof element.


Roof Restoration

Most people replace their roofs because they no longer look as it used to be. And many roofing companies tell you that you should remove old roofs every 10 years. At Plusworld we have the re-coating products that would help restore your old roof into new with a warranty assurance.


Water Proofing

We are in partnership    with   HYDRO·SEAL, a leading waterproofing chemical Manufacturing     company in the United States of America.   Hydro-stop waterproofing     components   are formulated     to stop the passage of either stationary    or running   waters over a surface.


Graco Equipments

Working closely with qualified distributors, Graco provides equipment for spray finishing, protective coating, paint circulation, lubrication, and dispensing sealants and adhesives, along with power application equipment for the contractor industry.