Most people replace their roofs because they no longer look as it used to be. And many roofing companies tell you that you should remove old roofs every 10 years. At Plusworld we have the re-coating products that would help restore your old roof into new with a warranty assurance.

Our roof cleaning service is novel and our roof cleaning technology has the capacity to remove any sticky element or growth on your roof without damaging the sheets because those items are tested and trusted.

Our re-coatng  products  are from NUTECH, an  Australian Roof Coating Manufacturing Company with an operating  base In the USA and  has  been in existence   for over 10  years with a unique    range   of  coatings designed to extend  the life of virtually  any existing and new roof  substrate.


All NUTECH professional roof coatings are breathable      coatings.    The coating    ~UO’NS moisture     vapour    to pass through the film from the roof substrate to the atmosphere at a controlled    rate while   remaining impervious to mass water    penetration.  This means that, the coating system is guaranteed   a 100% waterproof.


NXT Coolzone Is a special heat reflective re-coating    product     with 100%   acrylic;   suitable for Africa   region.    We pride ourselves    as the sole   distributor      and   the applying     technicians



  • Its specially formulated   primers, sealers, and top coats for a wide range of roof surfaces.
  • Its designed to withstand   any tough environment and protect and enhance the appearance of the roof.
  • It keeps the building cooler in hot weather.



  • Save homeowners from total replacement of the old roof.
  • Stops any moisture from absorbing into the surface of the roof.
  • It reflects back most of the sun ray thereby making the inside temperature   cooler.
  • It protects one of the most leak prone areas of the roof
  • Improves the quality and purity of water run-off.