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Why we need more green roofs in Africa



Green roofs are simply roofs covered in greenery such as grass, lush foliage, and vegetable gardens. The trend of increased green roof installation all over the world is inspired by the numerous associated benefits, which we consider in this article. 

To achieve biodiversity 

Large cities are fast losing the natural habitats of plants and animals because of population growth, especially in Africa. Africa specifically needs more green roofs to replace the homes of animals and plants that have been lost to the urbanization and industrialization. 

For sustainability 

As regards sustainability, the benefits of green roofs can be considered in three major ways: flooding, air quality, and urban health island effect.

Flooding: Flooding is an issue, in different proportions, across locations in Africa. Green roofs can help with the flooding problem by reducing the run off. 

Air quality: The greenery on the roof is living matter that can process the harmful gases and components that cause air pollution to safer forms. According to the International Green Roof Association, just a square meter of green roof can filter about 0.2 kg of smog.

Urban heat: Urban areas are facing rising temperatures because of the heat from different sources, ranging from traffic to the numerous industries. Residential properties are also sources of heat in urban areas. 

Noise reduction: Green roofs help to manage noise pollution because the vegetables, grass, and other greenery on the roof provide insulation. 

For financial benefits

Several financial benefits are associated with the green roofs. A direct financial benefit of green roofs is that it increases the value of the home. 

Green roofs can also serve as protective features for homes. Houses with green roofs are better suited to survive extreme weather conditions than those without green roofs. 

Green roofs in Africa

The headquarters building of East African Coca-Cola, one of the most expensive structures in Africa has a green roof. The roof of this building, which is located at the outskirts of Nairobi, doubles as a recreation area for members of staff. 

Green roof standards

Germany could be described as the green roof capital of the world. This is because it has led the rest of the world in green roof technology, usage, and research. 

Sustainable cities are yet to be a thing in Africa. Cities are still plagued with issues of overpopulation, noise pollution, flooding, and air pollution. Installing green roofs in Africa is a step towards the development of sustainable cities. Green roofs could be installed in buildings in Africa for the ecological and environmental benefits. The financial benefits of green roofs are also appealing.

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