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Nigeria's #1 Roof Restoration Specialists. Over 2000 Happy Customers. Contact us for a free, no obligation appraisal and Restore your roof back to its former glory with the help of a Modern Roof Restoration. With over 12 years' experience.
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Who We Are

Plusworld provide top quality solutions to the commercial, industrial and domestic sectors.
Our company is well-established and over our many years in business we have built up an impeccable reputation and a solid base of satisfied repeat customers.

We pride ourselves on our customer focused approach and aim to provide a reliable, professional service on every project we undertake.
As an environmentally conscious company, we have adopted many sustainable business policies and carry a range of Environmental Friendly Products.

Our Video Feature

Our Service Overview

Over the years, Plusworld have trained, groomed and nurtured, different individual from differnt culture all over the country with support from our partners, we can boast of a team of highly skilled, innovative and professional Technical Agent.

Roof Restoration

Our specialized architects and engineers take an inexhaustible and in-depth look at your site, structure and surroundings to come up with the best roofing design that will best fit your structure not departing from the original floor plan, cost, weight of the roof elements.


We are in partnership with HYDROSEAL, a leading waterproofing chemical manufacturing company in the United States of America. Hydroseal waterproofing components are formulated to stop the passage of either stationary or running waters over a surface. It is an industrial waterproofing agent. When this chemical compound is applied with fibre over any surface or hole, no water can pass through again. These agents have been tested to be effective on all types of roofing sheets and concrete slabs without pulling or quaking over the years.

Roof Installation

Plusworld Roofing has a distributorship network with major materials manufacturing companies from Aluminum PVC, Stone coated tiles, shingle and ceiling to Onduline and a host of others. This positions us to give the best quality and pricing on our projects. We lay emphasis on the latest technologies, new products and also find the most practical solutions to business and job-related problems.


Projects Completed


Certified Applicators


Technical Centers


Public projects and profit growth


What our clients say

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If you are unable to find exactly what you are looking for or require a more complex quote please feel free to use the form below to ask any questions you like about our products.