We design, install, repair and restore roofing systems that secure your inventory from being damaged, project your personality, secure your family and save you the embarrassment and cost of a bad or leaking roofing system...

We're the biggest roofing construction company in Nigeria,we've worked with the biggest brands personalities in Nigeria, and everything we do is eco-friendly.

Our Happy Customers Who Trust Us:

The Most Important Part of A Building is...

The roof!

Imagine having an inventory without a roof or with a leaking roofing system.

That's a danger to your inventory.

Imagine the embarrassment of leaking roof, or even, a dirty-looking roof.

No matter the amount of inventory you have, and no matter how much spent in building a house...

Without a roofing system that protects you or your inventory, it's all a waste. 

At Plusworld, we'll help you design, install, repair and restore your roof using a unique system, process and solution.

And we even guarantee it!

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Our "Unbeatable" Guarantee

At Plusworld,we want you to be certain that you're making the right choice. Read our guarantees to learn more about why we're the perfect choice for you.

100% Satisfaction OR nothing!

In the last 20+ years, when we take on a project, we exceed our customers' satisfaction. We'll never stop until you're 100% satisfied. 

1,000 School Project

A percentage of our profit from your project goes to charity. To restore & renovate Eco-friendly roofs in 1,000 public schools across Nigeria.

ISO Certified

The International Organization for Standardization certified us. We bring international (not local) standards to your projects. 

NRCA Member

We're a member of the America Roofing Contractors Association. You can be assured that we bring Int'l standard to your project.


Working with is working with the very best, We even won  "Africa's Best Quality Roofing Consulting Service Company, 2015" Award to prove it.

BusinessDay Award Winner

We won the prestigious BusinessDay award as the most innovative company,2018. We bring innovation to all our clients' projects.

Would You Want To Have A  Long Lasting Roofing System with 10 Years Guarantee, backed by an Unbeatable Stand-by Emergency Support Team (Without  Spending A Fortune, or Losing Your Peace of Mind)?

Right NOW... Get A FREE Roofing Inspection & Consultation (N200,000 Value)

Schedule Your FREE  Roofing  Inspection / Consultation. 

(N200K value)

We will conduct a FREE roofing inspection and analysis for your specific roofing requirement. It's an in-depth analysis & consultation with you. It's FREE (but it is a N200,000 value). So, you'll not be paying a single dime for this.

Our Team Delivers A Customized Roofing Strategy & Plan,Specifically For You.

Based on our discoveries in step 1, we will then develop a customized roofing strategy for your specific building. We'll take the cost,the floor plan,the weight of the roofing systems & other roofing elements into consideration.

Our Team Gets To Work Quickly, To Fulfill Your Roofing Systems Requirement.

We understand that time is precious, it is to us,too. That's why,immediately, after steps 1 & 2, our team of highly-skilled engineers, seasoned roofers & architects, immediately go into "execution" mode. To bring that dream to life.

Don't just take our word for it, listen to our clients.

Provast  LTD- Lagos State

We are very pleased with the quality workmanship, professionalism, and attention to detail that we received from everyone involved in the company. I find that Plusworld maintains a pool of highly-skilled employees. This is a very important consideration when deciding who should be awarded any roof restoration project. Plusworld also continues to hold a perfect safety record at our facility

OVH Energy - Lagos State

It is a pleasure to work with a company such as Plusworld Roofing. You take pride in the quality of your products and workmanship, and are willing to stand behind them. I greatly appreciate the prompt and thorough response you provided to our requests.

Julius Odogwu - Lagos State

I have not had any leaks yet and I am okay with the repairs. I did not have any problems at all with the team and I will refer you to anyone who needs your services

Get a Free Copy of Our Report

5  "Critical" Elements To Consider BEFORE Roofing (or Re-roofing) Your Commercial or Residential Building.

In this (NEW) special report, you'll discover 5 critical elements you need to know BEFORE roofing your building, commercial or residential.

This report is "direct to the point", and you'll will avoid some “costly” mistake people make when roofing their building.  

You'll  discover some roofing "secrets" that other roofing companies keep away from you. Just click the link below to download it now.

Get A FREE "No Obligation" Roof Inspection, Analysis & Consultation (N200,000 value).

Unlock your dream roofing system by grabbing a FREE roof inspection and consultation, Right now!

We're offering a limited number of FREE consultations to help you analyze, inspect and consult with you on your exact roofing system requirement. 

Our team of highly skilled architects, seasoned roofers and civil engineers will come to your site location, we will discuss exactly what you seek, analyze your request and create a customized roofing blueprint specifically for you, to help you with a "clear cut" direction for your roof requirement.

We'll even evaluate your roof's condition, your roofing needs and options.

Everything we are going to do is STRICTLY about your roofing project and how we'll help you get the roofing system of your dream.

And it's 100% FREE.

And no worry, you'll NOT  be speaking with some "sleazy" sales representative whose only goal is to make sales.

You'll be having this inspection and consultation with our highly-skilled professional roofing experts with more than a decade of experience.

And remember, this consultation and inspection is completely free and you're under no obligation to take up any of our services.

We'll simply discuss your needs and wants, answer any question you have,show you the options and walk you through the exact process.

But we urge you to hurry...

Because our team are constantly engaged and there's only a limited number of roof inspections,analysis & consultation that we can do.

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