Plusworld is Nigeria's fastest growing roofing construction company with more than two decades experience.

Perhaps even more than the walls, doors, or walls, your roof provides crucial protection for your home, especially against the elements. When a violent rainstorm blows through the community, you want to know that the roof will continue to defend your property without leaking. But how can you guarantee that?

At Plusworld Roofing, we have a pool of well-trained carpenters (in-house and subcontractors) who have been on our various sites over the years. They are crafted in the interpretation of drawings and construction of roof trusses and coverings.


Our specialized architects and engineers take an inexhaustible and in-depth look at your site, structure and surroundings, to come up with the best roofing design that will best fit your structure not departing from the original floor plan, cost, material and weight of the roof elements.


The Plusworld team ensures that each residential/commercial roof installation completely satisfies the needs of our clients? We start by managing the client’s expectations by establishing your functional, design, and budgetary priorities. Our Seasoned professionals are always willing to help along with the decision phase,  nudging.

Homeowners to know exactly what they want for their roof, while others take a little inspiration from our seasoned professionals!

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