Roof Asset Management

Program( RAMP)

We assist building owners and facility managers to effectively take ownership of the roof life cycle.

Normal roof life expectancy is approximately 25 years in Nigeria. As part of regular building maintenance, roof inspection and maintenance is critical to an overall preventive maintenance program of a building. Planned and scheduled roof maintenance can help ensure that all roofs will provide satisfactory performance for their full life expectancy.
Regular inspection and maintenance on roof surfaces and drains may prolong the life of your roof, and may reduce the number and cost of emergency repairs. Building managers and owners often operate under the theory that once a roof has been installed, no further action is required.
Many believe that the warranty will provide a remedy for performance problems. However, most warranties specify that the owner is obligated to maintain the roof properly.
Roof Asset Management Program (RAMP) is a maintenance plan that Plusworld Roofing offers to assist building owners and facility managers to effectively take ownership of the roof life cycle. Asides providing maintenance such as clearing gutters and outlets,replacement and repairs of flashing,repair of any leaking details,and removal and replacement of small damaged roofing and insulation. Plusworld also provides a report highlighting what maintenance has been done and whether there are any defects that require remedial works.
This not only provides good evidence when applying for funding to re-cover a roof, it also helps to maintain existing guarantees and highlight potential problems before they cause further problems internally. This total roof management solution means that building owners have peace of mind with
what is happening on their roof.


To provide clients with a sustained, pro-active means of determining the current conditions of the roof(s),

To advise clients of any possible future needs not covered under the scope of work of the Inspection and Maintenance Program.

Reduce the risk of expensive repairs

Potentially damaging debris removed

Expert knowledge leads to damage prevention

Avoiding extensive internal damages due to leaks

Provide light repair and preventive maintenance on a regular basis and identify potential problems.

To maintain a new roof in its best possible condition.

Allows your asset to perform at its best

Maintenance shall be carried out by trained site operatives

Improving the building environment

Reducing the whole life cycle cost of maintaining the roof.


Providing Peace-of-Mind and Return on Investment

Our roofing maintenance packages are made to fit your budget and schedule. If your facility would like to minimize roofing repair costs and save time on in-house inspections, Plusworld can help. Our plans can be used on both out-of-warranty and warranted roofing systems.

Write the Data Management, Planning and Reportinguestion here

The documentation and data of the roof assets combined with expert insight builds a strategic plan for roof management over the lifetime of the roof. Reporting a comprehensive inspection including a condition summary, photos, sketch, and written estimates for any repair work needed that is not covered by the agreement.

Emergency Response

A quick response to roofing issues is critical, especially with emergency leaks. It is also important to make sure repairs are permanent and part of a strategic plan. Take caution of suggested temporary fixes as this is usually short-sighted thinking.

Preventive Maintenance

Facility managers are responsible for roof maintenance. This is important to both preserve the life of the roofs and keep warranty coverage.
Every building manager maintains the roof system in their own way, and each contractor builds a roof system differently. Therefore, all roofs have a unique life cycle. All roof types do not age the same way.
However, when a roof reaches mid-life, it exponentially degrades to a point where no repair or restoration can fix it. You can prolong this decline and reduce future replacement costs through regular preventive maintenance.


A best practice in roof asset management is to identify repairs as you do preventive maintenance or get an inspection. The next step is to prioritize repairs based on need and schedule this work annually. If you get the corrective repair work done once a year then the work is one bundled, cost-effective project.

Roof Restoration

Roof restoration, also known as rehabilitation, is the long-term restoration of the roof system. Restoration is the more viable and cost-effective option compared to a total roof replacement. If you find a roof defect beyond the point of restoration then the work becomes a costly replacement project, so it is crucial to catch defects quickly.

Roof Replacement

A qualified roof consultant can predict when a facility needs a roof replacement based on the components in the management program. They will create a guide for smooth year over year
spending, which is favorable since the cost of replacements run high.