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Nigeria's #1 Roof Restoration Specialists. Over 2000 Happy Customers. Contact us for a free, no obligation appraisal and Restore your roof back to its former glory with the help of a Modern Roof Restoration. With over 12 years' experience.
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Our Services

Roof Design

Our specialized architects and engineers take an inexhaustible and in-depth look at your site, structure and surroundings to come up with the best roofing design that will best fit your structure not departing from the original floor plan, cost, weight of the roof elements.

Roof Installation

Plusworld Roofing has a distributorship network with major materials manufacturing companies from Aluminum PVC, Stone coated tiles, shingle and ceiling to Onduline and a host of others. This positions us to give the best quality and pricing on our projects. We lay emphasis on the latest technologies, new products and also find the most practical solutions to business and job-related problems.

Roof Restoration

Most people replace their roofs because they no longer look as aesthetically pleasing as it used to be. At Plusworld, we have the re-coating products that would help restore your old roof into a new one with warranty assurance.


We are in partnership with HYDROSEAL, a leading waterproofing chemical manufacturing company in the United States of America. Hydroseal waterproofing components are formulated to stop the passage of either stationary or running waters over a surface. It is an industrial waterproofing agent. When this chemical compound is applied with fibre over any surface or hole, no water can pass through again. These agents have been tested to be effective on all types of roofing sheets and concrete slabs without pulling or quaking over the years.

Roof Washing

Our roof cleaning service is novel and our roof roof cleaning technology has the capacity to remove any sticky element or growth on your without damaging the sheet because those items are tested and trusted.

Insulated Roof

These mechanically seamed standing seam roof panels are an ideal solution where energy-efficient standing seam roof panels are required. The unique design of this panel allows for 26 gauge exterior and interior skins, saving money and weight on a building.


Project success


Reduce Waste to Landfill by


Reduce Energy


Reduce greenhouse gas emmission