Roof Coating

We Pride Ourselves As The No 1 Roofing Restoration Company In Africa, we pioneered The Roof Restoration Industry In Nigeria. With Over 15 Years Of Experience, We Are Your Right Plug For Everything Roofing.


Most people replace their roofs because they no longer look as appealing as they used to. And, many roofing companies tell you that you should remove the old roof every 10 years. At Plusworld we have the technology and re-coating products that would help restore your old roof into new with warranty assurance.

Waterproofing Roof Paint

Using waterproofing roof paint and flat roof coatings are great ways to extend the lifespan of a roof in a cost effective way. Working well in combination with rejuvenating and repairing tired and worn exterior masonry and uPVC surfaces, paints and coatings available to buy today at Plusworld Roofing & Restoration also come in an outstanding range of colours.

Our systems are easy to apply in a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions, they dry quickly allowing the structures to be back in service with minimal delay.

  • ‘Cold’ applied, seamless waterproof protection – No need for heat or naked flames.
  • Tough and elastomeric to withstand thermal/structural movement.
  • Solar reflective coatings, instant leak repair, asbestos encapsulation, metal protection, & more!
  • 5, 10, 15 and 25 year systems for flat, metal, pitched, corrugated and tiled roofs, balconies and more.

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Nutech Roof Coating

Nutech Roof Coating is a silicone roof paint for pitched and flat roofs. It can be used any time of year and guarantees a waterproofed roof for 20 years. Nutech Roof Coating is a liquid coating that can be applied without a primer to asphalt, asbestos, steel, concrete, lead, fibreglass, modified bitumen, plastisol, aged or weathered felt and most existing roof coatings, among others. Applying Nutech to a roof or gutter is an economical way to extend the life of the surface, without needing to totally reinstall.

Using Nutech Roof Coating in Solar Reflective White will reflect a high percentage of the sun’s rays, therefore reducing damage caused by UV rays, which again extends the life of the roof surface. It is also available in Light Grey and permanently protects the roof from leaks, severe weather and ponding water.

NXT AquaGuard
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