We Envision A Future Where No Child In Nigeria Will Study Under A Dilapidated Or Leaking Roof.

Almost everywhere in Nigeria, you’d see a dilapidated or leaking roofing system in our public schools.


Pupils are forced to learn under inhumane conditions.(rain & sun).


At Plusworld, we do not just care about profit making, we care about the future of our young ones.


That’s why we have decided to renovate & restore 1,000 dilapidated roofs in public schools across Nigeria in the next 5years.


We know it won’t be easy but we strongly believe we can do it, and with you support, we will even be able to do it sooner than the next 5years.


When you transact with us, you’re automatically empowering the little kids who learn under unfriendly weather conditions.


You’re automatically giving them a chance at better learning environment, and at a better life because research has shown that kids who learn under friendly environment will turn out better than their peers who didn’t

Our Projects


The 1K schools project by Plusworld is one of our social impact programs under our corporate investment platform aimed at collaborating with NGO’s, the private and public sector to renovate and restore 1000 dilapidated public school roofing systems across Nigeria in a five-year period.


Goal & Objectives

The goal of this project is to carry out timely and highly effective roof restoration operations using modern techniques and the newest high-quality products, at affordable costs.


The main objectives are:

* To restore the roof infrastructure of at least 1000 selected public schools in Nigeria in partnership with the public and private sectors.

* To provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for the students.

* Increase the creation of school enrollment opportunities for out-of-school children.

* Save costs incurred on roof replacement/re-roofing of school buildings.


The Young Restorers Hub also known as YORHUB is a social impact program (SIP) of Plusworld Limited; a roof specialist organization with restoration and maintenance at the heart of its operations.

YORHUB was born from the intense desire of Plusworld to:


* Transfer restoration and maintenance skills to young people to prepare them for the labor force early enough equipped with the requisite work experience for the construction industry amongst others

* Groom and raise a generation of young Nigerians who understand the importance of maintenance and restoration in solving the global crisis of climate change

* Inculcate maintenance culture in the youth

* Empower young people to be productive members of society

* Create a community of knowledgeable young leaders who are actively impacting their immediate communities and the larger society

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