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If water intrusion issues are on your list of facility problems to solve, applying a waterproofing coating or industrial sealant is a good way to stay dry. Plusworld Roofing & Restoration Company has been identifying leaks and stopping water in its tracks since 2007.  

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Mysterious standing water, mold, smells and discoloration are the calling cards of a leaking building. They aren’t pleasant, and can reduce morale, damage productivity and even impact employee retention.

A good workplace is a dry workplace. But first, you have to find the leaks. We can help. Contact us for an assessment and site visit so we can recommend the best waterproofing solution for your building.

What are Your Waterproof Coating Choices?

From clear penetrating solutions for bricks and masonry to solid color film-building coatings and waterproof paints, there are products on the market for just about any situation. Get help choosing the right one for your application with an in-person consultation today.

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Repair Masonry Joints with Sealants

Your masonry expansion joints expand and contract depending on the weather and the temperature. (It’s their job.) Eventually however, the original sealant in these joints degrades, cracks, and needs to be replaced. Water seeps in and then freezes and thaws, widening cracks and then making its way into your building through the gaps. 


The fix: Get the help of an expert with the diligence to remove old sealant, install a backer rod to fill the gap, and then install the right sealant for your building.


Smart Waterproofing. Smarter Pricing.

As with many things, with waterproof coatings and sealants, you get out what you put in. Read on to learn more about our educated, down-to-earth approach to pricing.

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Your most commonly asked questions.

If you are experiencing water intrusion, then water is coming in through your roof or walls. A leaky roof is fairly simple to pinpoint. Leaky walls can be trickier. For example, brick buildings often have wall leaks that are hard to identify. Look at transitions between brick courses, at corners, and where brick meets other materials. If your “caulk” looks to be cracked, it could be a water entry point. In this case, a clear, penetrating sealer is a good solution.

Expansion joints are designed to prevent your masonry from cracking by allowing your building to shift and flex with ground movement and temperature changes. If your expansion joint’s caulk is damaged, it can’t do its job.

To replace it, fist the old caulk must be cut out. The sides of the joint where the old caulk was must be prepared so that new sealant will adhere properly. A neoprene “backer rod” will be inserted into the joint to act as filler and give your new sealant something to join with. Finally, new sealant will be installed and “tooled” smooth for a clean-edged, nice-looking finish.

No. Regular paint seals external surfaces and some varieties feature water repellent properties, but a true waterproof coating (often referred to as an elastomeric coating) is thicker and heavier bodied, with a high solids content. This heavier build fills cracks and creates a thick, stretchy barrier that expands and contracts with the building itself and prevents water penetration from downpours and even wind-driven rain. 

There’s a lot of variables to how long waterproofing may last.  Expansion joints, caulks and sealants have a very long lifespan: 20+ years, if the correct product was installed for the project and the building doesn’t experience extreme movement. Clear penetrating sealers last anywhere from 1-7 years, depending on the quality of product applied. Film building waterproof coatings and paints have a typical life span of 5-10 years, depending on the quality of product installed and the environmental conditions. 

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